A Little History

Let’s start by stating the obvious...Florida’s gulf coast is not well known for its awesome waves and thriving surf culture. When we say we are surfers, people give us an odd look and the next thing out of their mouth is, “Where do you surf?? There’s no waves here.”

Unfortunately, they’re right. The only time there’s surf, is when a tropical system forms in the gulf or a cold front comes down, dragging with it 30mph onshore winds. Which means wearing a wetsuit and surfing in 58 degree water. For you Northern folks that might not sound too bad, but, for us Floridians, that is freezing cold!

Needless to say, we don’t get to surf a whole lot. But, it’s all good because we fill in those flat spells with a ride on a good ol’ skateboard. The lack of surf is actually the reason Nick started making boards back in 1997. I remember the first board he shaped, they called it “Hibert Hangten.” It was thick, heavy, and rode like a tank, but it rocked. The best part about it, it gave him the same rush he loved from surfing.

His passion of handcrafting skateboards only grew. He made a ton of concept boards (most of which we still have), and worked hard to create a board with the perfect amount of strength and flex. We’d test them, try to break them, and were on a constant mission to improve each board. Fast forward through 16 years of experimentation, skate sessions and late nights in the shop and you’re left with today’s awesome boards.